The main purposes of the variation application are to permit a proposed reduction in the number of turbines from fifteen to a maximum of eleven, and an increase in the tip height of remaining turbines from 130m up to a maximum tip height of 149.9m (and a maximum rotor diameter of up to 136m). Other changes include a reduction in the length of access track given reduced number of turbines, removal of the consented additional operations building, repositioning of temporary batching plant, amendment to indicative borrow pit extraction volumes, removal of permanent operational met mast, repositioning and substitution of the permanent meteorological mast to a LiDAR and associated 4×4 track; and retention of existing operational Gordonbush Wind Farm meteorological mast (southern). No change to the turbine layout of the remaining eleven turbines is proposed. It is anticipated that the capacity of the Proposed Varied Development would exceed 30MW, which combined with the existing Generating Station capacity exceeds 50MW.

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