Jeremy Corbyn will unveil plans to create another 70,000 jobs in offshore windfarms part-owned by the public as his party gears up for an election manifesto focusing on a green industrial revolution.
The Labour leader will visit a windfarm on Wednesday as he launches his commitment to a further 37 offshore windfarms.
They would be built with a mixture of public and private finance as Labour members voted for stringent targets of net-zero emissions by 2030 at their autumn conference.
Under the party’s 10-year plan, the UK’s capacity for wind energy would increase by fivefold and benefit from an £83bn investment.
Corbyn will also promise to give the public a controlling 51% stake in all new windfarms, with 20% of the profits for the taxpayer being invested back into coastal communities and 80% of public profits to be reinvested into decarbonising the economy and tackling climate change.
Before the visit, Corbyn said: “The full scale of the environment and climate emergency cannot be ignored. As scientists and activists have made clear, we need immediate and radical action to have any hope of keeping temperature rises to a manageable level.

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