There needs to be a full review of the costs that will arrive from the ban on fossil fuels – Herald Letters

YOUR article on the costly subsidies given out to the smart meter industry

(“Costly smart meter plan has not been very clever”, Herald Business, March

24) highlights the huge payments provided to the renewables industry that

receive little attention from the politicians at Holyrood.

The problem in Scotland is that the consequences of such policies are never

debated yet there is a proposal from the CEO of Scottish Power that, as

renewable energy is too expensive, the cost must be transferred to the

taxpayer. Voters are still awaiting a response from the Finance Secretary

as to whether she will include such a policy in her party manifesto for the

2021 election. The mistake by Alex Salmond and his deputy in failing to

ensure that the English interconnector was expanded in line with every

planning application for Scottish wind farms means there will be billions

of pounds paid by the taxpayer in constraint payments over the summer as

the current system does not have the capacity to export the excess energy

to England.

Surely it is time that Holyrood pays a body such as the Fraser of Allander

to carry out a review of the subsidy and infrastructure bills that will

arise from a ban on fossil fuels.

Ian Moir, Castle Douglas.

SAS Volunteer

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