Three more online consultation events are planned to “engage with stakeholders” about connections for proposed windfarms that rely on the interconnector cable to the mainland.
SSEN Transmission will host the events which are seeking views on connections linked to the Energy Isles and Beaw Field developments in Yell; and Mossy Hill windfarm west of Lerwick.
The proposed 600MW interconnector cable would connect Shetland to the mainland electricity grid. Work has started in preparation for the substation and convertor planned for Kergord.
Regulator Ofgem has said it is minded to approve the cable with a final decision expected soon.
Now “search areas” have been identified by SSEN Transmission in which the organisation wants to conduct further surveys to identify preferred routes for the windfarms’ connections.
The routes will be set out at the consultations, which take place on 21st and 22nd July, and feedback sought. Views will also be sought on the proposed location of a new switching station in Yell.

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