I refer to the letter from Celia Hobbs published on 6th Feb and totally agree with all her points. Scotland is a tousirst haven with international visitors from all over the world as well as from the rest of the UK. They mainly come here for the beauty of the scenery which is world renowned, not to have all their views dominated by wind turbines covering the country and ruining the landscape. Many visitors will be put off and never return again, spreading the word to their friends and completely bankrupting the tourism industry and the local economy. For the local population to have their opinion overturned by one Government Reporter who alone decides what happens to their landscape is totally unjust and should never be allowed. In Dumfries and Galloway there have been numerous occasions when the democratically elected Planning Committee have made a well informed refusal of a wind farm application only to have it overturned by one Reporter, at massive costs to the Council due to the Appeal process. This is NOT democracy.

Trevor and Elaine Procter

Castle Douglas

SAS Volunteer

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