Dr Dave Parish. (Rewilding, Scotsman 23 February) asks “what rewilding means to me”.

The site behind our property was once a landfill site.  This was capped and over the years the land was reclaimed by nature.  Sitting close to the Glasgow City boundary, this area of East Renfrewshire became the recreational lung of those living on the southside of the city, promoting health and well being  for local residents and others from further afield.  This is what “rewilding” means to me, Dr Parish.

Today the area has been taken over by wind farms to the point where this small local authority area consists of little else and any space remaining is being targeted with single turbine applications which enjoy less scrutiny and more likelihood of gaining planning permission.  One by one, another wind farm by stealth is being created.

A current application has blades so long there is only a ground clearance of 9m.   Whilst RSPB and Nature Scot agree that “this is potentially of concern in that it may bring more birds into the rotor-swept area” limited resources means that they can now only focus on priority sites or species.

It appears then that there is little chance of rewilding Scotland when our land is being desecrated with an ever increasing number of wind turbines of greater dimensions, turning vast areas of our country into industrial wastelands and killing more of our birds while statutory consultees  are effectively gagged.

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