The operators of a small north coast wind farm have made it known they are considering extending it.
Bettyhill 2 Wind Ltd (BHW2L) has signalled that it is looking at adding 11 turbines and associated infrastructure to the existing two-turbine Bettyhill Wind Farm.
The development is located on Bettyhill Common Grazings – part of Skelpick Estate and around 2km to the south east of Bettyhill and to the south of the main north coast A836 road.
The area is close to a number of designated nature conservation sites.
Standing 119m to tip height, the existing two turbines have a capacity of 6MW and have been operational since 2013.
However, the new turbines would be much higher at 149.9m, and with an overall capacity of 50MW.
The plans are at the early scoping stage which is when developers engage the planning authority and other stakeholders.
A report lodged with Highland Council’s planning department states that the layout of the proposed infrastructure has still to be determined.
It reads: “The final choice of operating capacity, turbine size and layout will be based on environmental and technical considerations, identified and evaluated during the scoping and environmental impact assessment stage of the development, along with public consultation.”
The report adds: “BHW2L is committed to offering a community benefits package that would include both a community fund and the opportunity for shared ownership in the wind farm, which would deliver a real and lasting legacy.”
If it reaches fruition, the extended wind farm would generate enough electricity per annum to power 35,5000 homes.

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