A tarnished record
RENEWABLEUK is shouting from the rooftops about wind power setting a record
on Monday with an output at one point of 17.6GW (gigawatts) (“New record
set for wind power on bank holiday”, The Herald, 5 May). But what it is
ignoring is that for the whole of the three days prior to this, the output
of metered wind farms flatlined below 2GW. These wind farms have a total
theoretical rating of 19.5GW.
In a 100 per cent renewables scenario we would have absolutely had rolling
blackouts for these three days.
Geoff Moore, Alness.
IT’S interesting that the French Minister of the Sea, currently having an
argument post-Brexit with Jersey in respect of the limits pertaining to
their fishing access around the island, has played an opening gambit of
warning that the French could switch off the undersea power supplies they
are contracted to supply until 2027. They have recently been supplying
greater than 90 per cent of Jersey’s power needs.
Let us recall that the UK has interlinks from France capable of 3000MW and
we are today importing 2000MW, approximately equivalent to the maximum
output of four of the UK’s nuclear reactors. And that these reactors are
owned by the French. And that the UK remains in considerable dispute with
the number of French vessels to be permitted to continue fishing UK waters.
What a Trojan horse our myopic politicians have created through their
idiotic energy policies of high dependency on others.
Bless them.
DB Watson, Cumbernauld.

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