I wonder if the people answering the new wind farm survey mentioned in Graham Lang’s letter (19th May ) gave a single thought to those forced to live next to these machines.
People who lose amenity for necessary infrastructure like motorways, airports and railways are compensated, but not for wind farms
Instead, the wider community is bribed by private companies with so-called community benefit at a fraction of the cost.
Noise at your property can legally be increased day and night, amenity and house value lost and property even unsellable. A new Green MSP showing a lovely view from her new room at Parliament said on Twitter, “I’m grateful to have this view this week as I settle in. This #Mental Health Awareness Week it’s good to be able to #Connect with Nature in this way. @MHFScot highlights the positive impact that connecting with nature can have on our mental health”
What does it do to your mental health to be forced to lose your positive chosen view and live 24 hours a day next to whirling 100m and now even 200m high machines?
Why is compensation never discussed? This is a national disgrace.
Celia Hobbs, Peebles Road, Penicuik

SAS Volunteer

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