I was delighted to be able to attend the International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise which was held remotely last week.

Myself and another wind farm neighbour gave a graphic description of living with wind turbines to an audience of acoustic consultants, medical experts, developers and government officials from around the world.  We were overwhelmed by the sympathetic response we received from all quarters and hope we have given them something to think about for the future, in particular the necessity to listen to residents closest to proposed or already existing wind farms, not those who receive little negative impact and whose opinions are driven solely by the lure of community benefit.

We were grateful to the Scottish Government for sending a representative as concerns were raised throughout the conference about the current number of turbines in Scotland, not just operational but in the planning system and the associated difficulties of coping with the cumulative effects from both a visual and acoustic perspective.

We hope the lady concerned was listening carefully and taking detailed notes for her superiors because they need to know what effect their “stick em high, stick em low, stick em anywhere they can go” policy is having on rural residents in this country and how this is viewed by the rest of the world.


Aileen Jackson

Knockglass Farm


G78 4DB



SAS Volunteer

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