The developer behind plans to build a 200-turbine offshore wind development off the coast of Shetland has announced its first partner.
Cerulean Winds has named NOV, one of the largest providers of marine equipment and wind vessel designs in the world, as a partner on the project.
Led by entrepreneurs Dan Jackson and Mark Dixon, Cerulean Winds announced its ambitious £10 billion plans earlier this month, pledging it would result in lower energy costs for islanders and create around 200,000 jobs in the floating wind and hydrogen sectors.
Mr Dixon said he was “very pleased” by NOV’s involvement in the project.
“As the largest and most qualified provider of marine equipment and wind vessel designs working in this space, the experience and knowledge they will bring to a project of this magnitude is second to none.
“Having them on board brings the scheme a step closer to reality.”
Cerulean Winds says the project will have the capacity to more than halve the 18 million tonnes of CO2 the UK continental shelf currently produces by 2025.

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