14 June was the deadline for written submissions to be made in support of our Petition and a huge thank you to everyone who has made the effort to contribute.  The Petitions Team is very impressed with the number they have received.  https://scotlandagainstspin.org/2021/06/call-for-submissions-to-support-our-petition/

They were hopeful that a new post election Committee would have been formed by this time and that our Petition would be put on the Agenda for consideration before Summer recess which starts on 25 June.  Unfortunately that has not happened and we have just been notified that a new Committee has not yet been established (maybe it’s a job no-one wants!).

This means that the Petition will not be considered until MSPs return to Holyrood at the beginning of September.

It now gives us more time to generate submissions as the Team is prepared to accept them up until the date the Petition is put on the Agenda for the Committee to consider.  So, if you didn’t manage to get yours in on time, you now have another chance!  If any new information comes to light during summer recess which relates to the Petition and may be of interest to the Committee, you are free to submit it to the Team even if you have previously made a submission.  We know some of you were awaiting responses to your FOI requests which are taking longer than usual due to Covid.

We hope this will work in our favour!

The Petitions Team is very sorry for the delay but it is unfortunately beyond their control.

SAS Volunteer

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