Aileen Jackson and Rosemary Milne attended the International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise last week on behalf of SAS and were overwhelmed by the warm reception they received from all delegates to their talk on Living beside Wind Turbines. More on that to come shortly.
Other issues were discussed at the four day conference, one of which was compensation to neighbours as well as communities. One of the developers, in a bid to be more neighbour friendly is considering cheap electricity and an annual lump sum to properties within the 40dB noise contour. This should make properties easier to sell and stop any likely reduction in property price as the benefit would be paid to the property for the duration of the wind farm, not the person. It could even result in them becoming desirable places to live!
It is basically just another bribe to stop you objecting to the wind farm or stop you complaining if you encounter problems once it is operational. Suitable sites are becoming more and more difficult to find so they have to try harder to get us on side. Are they likely to react if you have a noise or other problem? Probably only if a large number of people were involved as shutting down or operating in a reduced mode will cost them money and they are not going to do it for one or two people. Would the Council help? That might be difficult as you are receiving a financial benefit!
What about compulsory purchase in the event you feel you can’t cope with the visuals or the noise once it is operational? Well that just allows them to put up even more turbines!
It would be up to the individual and their own personal circumstances but it seems likely that more and more developers will consider this kind of compensation as they struggle to find suitable land for development. Should you be in a position to have to make this kind of decision, always consult a lawyer!

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