Fiona Ainslie asks why no compensation is available to wind farm neighbours who are directly affected by a development. (letters 19 June).
The difference (in terms of compensation rights) between people living near a proposed high speed rail link or motorway and those near windfarms comes down to whether the developments are classified as “public works” and whether compulsory purchase order powers apply. The Scottish government has no powers under energy regulation to direct developers to pay compensation.
Having just attended the International Conference on Wind Turbine Noise, I can reveal, however, that more developers are likely to offer compensation in the future.
As suitable wind farm sites become more difficult to find and turbine heights increase, they need to come up with ingenious ways of making them more acceptable to neighbours.
Financial incentives are the obvious choice and appeal to some people. In the event they offer to buy you out, just remember, it allows them to put up even more turbines!
Be careful what you wish for and always consult a lawyer and your sense of morality before you sign anything.
Aileen Jackson, Knockglass, Uplawmoor.

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