I’m proud to be a wind farm NIMBY

I have a question for BBC Countryfile after their wind farm programme. Were Beatrice Potter, Canon Rawnsley and John Ruskin NIMBYs? They lived in the Lake District and saved it for posterity.
I am proud of our Penicuik town of NIMBYs who helped save the Pentland Hills from three wind farms for the benefit and enjoyment of all.
It is time for this phrase to be seen for what it is, a device by unscrupulous developers to silence opposition. It is a truly effective weapon as well as the phrase,” climate change denier” and a new one which I just heard to look out for, “serial wind farm objector”. Very clever, emotive words used to intimidate anyone who dares to question this government policy.
Scotland s countryside is under threat like never before since subsidies were reinstated for wind farms and it wasn’t even a topic of discussion in May’s election.
What a triumph for wind farm developers and a disaster for Scotland’s integrity and its beautiful countryside
Celia Hobbs, Peebles Road, Penicuik.

SAS Volunteer

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