More power to NIMBYs’ elbows

I applaud Celia Hobbs for being a NIMBY and having fought with great success to save her area of the Pentland Hills from wind farm development (Letters, July 21).

The phrase “serial wind farm objector” has been used by aggressive lawyers acting for developers at public inquiries for many years in an attempt to discredit a witness on a personal basis in the hope of having their opinions and evidence ignored by decision makers.

Many bona-fide people, trying to give of their best in the local interest, feel they cannot cope with the psychological strain of such a combative and unequal process and withdraw their representation.

This acts as a barrier to effective public engagement in the planning process – the opposite result to that which the Scottish government is seeking to achieve.

Scotland Against Spin’s current public petition to the Scottish Parliament seeks to address this situation by requesting, among other things, an independent advocate is appointed to ensure that “local participants are not bullied and intimidated during public inquiries and that their voices are heard.”

Not everyone has a Celia Hobbs in their area. When it comes to wind farm development we should all be more NIABY (not in anyone’s back yard) because no-one should be forced to live beside these environmentally destructive and soul-destroying beasts.

Aileen Jackson, Uplawmoor.

SAS Volunteer

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