Nowhere safe from wind farms
YOU revealed in January that Scotland has an “open door” wind farm policy
compared to England, where there have been no wind farms built since 2012.
The French energy giant EDF has submitted an application for 12 turbines,
eight metres short of the height of Blackpool Tower, 149.5 metres high at
Cloich Forest near Peebles. The site is 17 miles from the World Heritage
Site of Edinburgh, a mile from the Pentlands Special Landscape Area and a
mile from the Upper Tweeddale National Scenic Area. It is the Gateway to
the Borders.
The application is to the Energy Consents Unit and ministers. Presumably
EDF would not go to all this trouble and expense if it did not think it had
a good chance of success. The wind farm would be on the Cloich Hills above
the road from Edinburgh to Peebles, one of Scotland’s most picturesque
tourist routes, also enjoyed by Edinburgh folk for generations. There is a
Grade A listed house and notable garden visited by the public which even
the Environmental Statement says will have a “medium effect”. It seems to
me, in developer speak this is notable.
The Scottish Government always says of wind farms, “we will only build them
in the right place”. If EDF has the confidence to put in this application,
forget your designations and listings, nowhere is safe in Scotland.
Celia Hobbs, Penicuik.

SAS Volunteer

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