This relates to the Clauchrie Inquiry.  The full explanation can be found in the Applicant’s Closing Submission from Page 26 onwards.


Executives at state-owned Prestwick Airport have been accused of unlawfully demanding compensation payments from wind farm developers, we can reveal.
ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) wants to build 18 turbines 30 miles south of Prestwick but claims the airport is offering to withdraw its objection in return for payments for the next 25 years.
The company’s lawyers said the need for the annual payments has not been detailed by the airport, adding: “Prestwick is obviously anxious to apply its standard approach to wind farms: namely to force the applicant to sign a confidential agreement on terms acceptable to Prestwick that will secure a long-term commercial income stream.
“We submit that Prestwick’s approach is unlawful.”
Documents seen by The Sunday Post show the Ayrshire airport has already received more than £8 million from wind farm companies in the past four years, including £4.4m in the past financial year when profits of £5.5m were reported – the first time the airport had been in the black since being bought by the Scottish Government for £1 in 2013.
Prestwick managers claim the proposed Clauchrie wind farm will interfere with the radar system and have refused to withdraw an objection to the plans unless SPR offers an annual compensation payment to the state-owned transport hub.
SPR, which has already handed over millions in compensation payments to the airport in exchange for withdrawing an objection to another local wind farm, has so far refused to agree to the latest demands.





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