Renewables developer Muirhall Energy has submitted revised plans for wind farm projects at Hopsrig and Loganhead in Scotland.
Muirhall Energy has applied to the Energy Consents Unit of the Scottish Government for one additional turbine at each of the sites, and an increase in tip heights to 200 metres.
Hopsrig Wind Farm initially received consent in 2019 for 12 turbines with a 42MW capacity, while Loganhead Wind Farm was given permission for eight turbines with installed capacity of 25.6MW.
The new plans would increase capacity of the two sites to around 86MW and 59MW respectively.
If the revised plans are consented local communities will benefit from a community investment fund of £7000 for every MW of power generation capacity, resulting in an annual fund of over £600,000 for Hopsrig and £400,000 for Loganhead.
Muirhall Energy will also be offering local communities the opportunity to acquire up to a 10% ownership stake in each project, through the same community ownership scheme that has been established for the nearby Crossdykes Wind Farm.
Muirhall Energy project manager Kirstin Leckie said: “The revised applications demonstrate Muirhall Energy’s commitment to using the most up to date turbine technology, which can dramatically increase the output of the projects, resulting in even greater contributions to Scotland and the UK’s climate change targets.
“The proposals also allow us to increase the community investment fund to over £1m a year across both projects, a trebling of our existing commitment, as well as offer the local community the opportunity to extend their shared ownership of wind farms Muirhall Energy has developed in the area.”

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