A WARNING sign advising people to stay clear of “deep wet peat” at the entrance of the Viking Energy construction site has been removed by the local authority.

The yellow and red sign which was nailed to a fence post near the Upper Kergord junction at the end of last week left residents wondering if this was an attempt by developers to discourage people from accessing the hill.

It warned people of “areas of deep, wet peat throughout” the site – and advised visitors “do not attempt to walk over”.

However, wind farm developer SSE Renewables and also SSEN Transmission, which is building the Kergord converter station, confirmed they had nothing to do with the sign.

Yesterday (Wednesday) council workers removed the sign.

A spokesperson for Shetland Islands Council said the authority had been made aware of the warning sign earlier this week.

“Only the Council, in its role as Roads Authority, is permitted to erect signs on a public road (Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, Sections 64 and 65). The exception being when planning permission has been granted for a sign or notice,” the spokesperson said.

“The roads service was not contacted regarding permission to erect the sign on the public road, nor for it to be fixed to council property, which includes the gate post next to the cattle grid. Neither were the planning service contacted regarding planning consent.

“Having been notified of the sign, the council has exercised its duty under the act to have it removed from the public road.”  https://www.shetnews.co.uk/2022/01/13/council-removes-mystery-warning-sign/?fbclid=IwAR3IkQunvIiTtGZAYkmNZE3Bzz42cOtJjekHBmyCtxRjovkB5XkWiphw7D0

NOTE from Admin – “It’s probably a contractors sign, presumably erected by them on the basis of H & S advice. Now that it’s a site, and not just open moorland, H & S rules apply. The Council has removed the sign. Does that open the way for them to be held responsible for any peat related accident on the site? If the sign had stayed in place, and there was an accident, the contractor could reasonably say “We put up a Notice to warn people – but the Council took it down, so there was no warning. The consequences of the accident are down to them.”

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