Part-time giants
Graham Bruce refers to the wind turbines in his area as sleeping giants (Letters, 13 January).
His superb and compellingly graphic description illustrates the stark realities of not only the negative scenic, environmental and wildlife impacts of wind power but is also a powerful visual vindication of the factual data which expose their multiple financial and practical inadequacies.
In Dr Richard Dixon’s article “Serious cost of dropping our green strategy” (Scosman, 13 January) he champions such developments with exaggerated claims which belie reality. In his blinkered belief he may claim that the wind always blows somewhere, hence providing justification for further expansion of the remorsesly advancing army of slumbering giants that are Mr Bruce’s unwelcome neighbours.
Who in their right mind would pay a gold-plated salary to a part-time worker? This is essentially what wind farms amount to.
Neil J Bryce, Kelso, Scottish Borders

SAS Volunteer

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