I live in Sutherland in the Highlands. I sit at my kitchen window and every day I watch the wind turbines on the opposite hill. They seldom turn. They stand tall and white dominating the countryside, but they do not turn. Every now and again one will slowly wake up and flex its long carbon fibre arms for a short while before returning to its dormant state of slumber.
It won’t be long now before the wind farm on the hill to my left is built and I wonder if these turbines will also stand like guardsmen on parade waiting for the wind, tall and prominent amongst the background of the heath and heather.
I wander into my living room and again I look out of the window, this time at the hill that stands on the other side of the river behind my house.
It is also earmarked for a wind farm, this one called “Garvary” which will complete the encirclement of me and my little property from which I will continue to watch the sleeping giants that seldom stir.
When all the hills near me have a wind farm the developers will move on to find another area to develop. I will still be here but life for me will have changed.
No longer will I look out at the beautiful fauna and natural environment of Scotland’s Highlands. Nor will I hear the call of the eagle as it soars majestically overhead or witness the breathtaking flight of the osprey. The winter skeins of migrating geese will be gone, flying home on a different route to avoid the sleeping giants that now stand where they once flew.
Graham Bruce, Culrain, Highland

SAS Volunteer

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