Why was seabed price capped?
DOES anyone actually know why the SNP administration placed a cap on the
bidding price for the seabed rights involved in the ScotWind sale? These
rights were sold at auction, and in England and Wales the average auction
price was £361,000 per square kilometre, making a tidy sum for the
taxpayer. In Scotland, however, where we axiomatically have to be different
from England and Wales, the SNP administration set a cap on the auction
price of £100,000 per square kilometre. That has cost us money we can ill
afford. Think of the children who could have been lifted out of poverty
with an extra £30 million or so.
Scottish ministers claim that the ScotWind projects will generate tens of
billions of pounds in investment. This isn’t just wishful thinking. It is
SNP wishful thinking.
Jill Stephenson, Edinburgh

SAS Volunteer

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