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For a start, research shows that opposition to onshore wind among Tory voters doesn’t exist to the extent that some in the party believe it to. On the contrary, recent polling shows that there is widespread support not just for more wind energy, but renewables more broadly.

In a survey conducted by the pollster Opinium at the beginning of November, 74pc of people expressed support for building more wind farms, with more than half strongly in favour of the move. Yet the real light-bulb moment for the Government should come from learning that 72pc of Conservative voters also backed more wind farm construction.

This is completely at odds with the perception among most of the Tory elite. Separate polls conducted on behalf of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, a non-profit organisation that counts among its advisers Lord Turner, the former chairman of the Government’s climate change committee, and the former business secretary Andrea Leadsom, found that 61pc of Conservative MPs believe the people who voted for them at the last election oppose onshore wind projects.

In reality, a similar proportion of those who voted Conservative in the 2019 election say they would “think less of” an MP who campaigned against the development of an onshore wind near them.

There are of course entirely legitimate reasons for opposing onshore wind farms, especially if you happen to live near one. But often the criticism is either overblown, the result of common misconceptions, or can be addressed through technological advances combined with the right regulation and planning laws.

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