Power trio
The article “Power trio set to energise the country” by Ilona Amos says that the three cutting-edge battery storage units being built in Scotland will cut household bills (Scotsman, 24 November).
That’s what was said about wind turbines before £1 billion of constraint payments were added to our energy bills.
Ilona says these battery storage units would supply 2.7 million households for two hours. Sounds impressive. However, there are 28.3 million households in the UK so there would only be 11.4 minutes of electricity. Not so impressive.
Battery farms are only used to balance the National Grid when renewables fail as they frequently do. Lithium batteries are a fire risk and mining for the lithium has created toxic lakes and illness in China and elsewhere. Not so green after all.
Meanwhile, the rest of the world is driving 1.446 billion petrol/diesel vehicles, burning fossil fuels and running 8,800 coal plants 24/7. At COP26 China and India, supported by developing countries, refused to “phase out” coal and insisted on a meaningless “phase down”. COP27 did not revisit this.
Clark Cross

SAS Volunteer

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