Rishi Sunak is facing a rebellion from his MPs over onshore wind amid efforts to beat the energy crisis.
Simon Clarke, the MP for Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, has tabled a legislative amendment aimed at relaxing planning rules so turbines can get built more easily if communities want them.
The former levelling up secretary argues the technology is good from an economic, security of supply and environmental point of view.
He added: “Often the straw man is that people don’t want it. Recent polling shows the public are supportive now.
He has put forward an amendment to the Levelling Up and Regeneration Bill that would permit local authorities to grant permission to new turbines.
New turbines in England have been constrained since 2015 by strict planning rules introduced by the then prime minister David Cameron, who claimed communities were “fed-up” with the turbines.
Under the current rules, the turbines have to be in an area classified as suitable for wind turbines and demonstrate community backing.
Liz Truss set out plans to put onshore wind planning applications on a par with other infrastructure projects, but this was scrapped when Mr Sunak took over as prime minister.
Asked if he was disappointed when Mr Sunak reinstated the ban, Mr Clarke said: “I was. I completely understand this was an issue which 10 years ago was controversial. I think the politics of it has moved on. And I certainly think that we should be giving control to local communities.”
His amendment includes a “very strong” community consent feature, which would mean developers had no right of appeal if councils refused an application.
“We’re giving it genuinely to local councils to decide,” he added https://www.telegraph.co.uk/…/rishi-sunak-faces…/.

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