JAPAN is to reverse its nuclear reactor phase-out. The ban was introduced after an underwater earthquake resulted in a tsunami wave which flooded the reactors and killed 15,500 people in Japan in 2011. Not one death has occurred because of radiation.
Japan now intends to maximise the use of existing nuclear reactors by restarting as many as possible, prolonging the life of old reactors and then developing next-generation reactors to replace them.
This will give Japan energy security and a carbon-free baseload energy. This news will upset the anti-nuclear brigade. What will upset them more is that more countries will follow suit.
France has 56 reactors and thus is less reliant on fossil fuels. The UK should now build these carbon-free reactors as fast as possible instead of relying on unreliable wind which over the last 12 months only provided 28.3 percent of our electricity.
Clark Cross, Linlithgow

SAS Volunteer

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