Westminster’s intervention in the electricity market risks “mothballing a series of multi-billion pound” green energy projects, a major investor has warned.
Community Windpower says the “US and EU are doing all they can” to attract renewables spend, while the UK is “doing all it can to deter it” by imposing the electricity generator levy (EGL).
As a result of the policy, the UK is now on the back foot in the global “renewable energy ‘arms race’”.
The company also echoed recent fears voiced by a group of trade associations from across the energy sector about the EGL.
In a letter to the Chancellor, five groups – representing over 750 companies – warned that the UK’s competitiveness as an investment destination for clean energy is at “severe risk”.
They also called on Jeremy Hunt to prioritise incentives for green growth in his upcoming spring budget. Read on: https://www.energyvoice.com/…/uk-green-energy-sector…/

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