We should prioritise the things we already know how to do, starting with the ones that will have the highest impact.

The current crisis reminds us of the importance of secure and affordable energy supplies, but it is also important that those supplies are clean, in every sense of the word ie not just low carbon, but genuinely sustainable with ethical supply chains.

So, while policymakers deal with the near term challenges they have an opportunity to re-frame our approach to transition to deliver credible and achievable roadmaps. We can only hope they rise to the challenge.  https://watt-logic.com/2023/03/24/eic-speech-energy-security/?fbclid=IwAR2DHNKgmjWLu_eJwnSCGbYYCntSIfq5VXR-otNvM4ILP4bKS4rzScbsPlI

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