Face facts on renewables
I NOTE your report on the claims of so-called climate campaigners (“Appeal to halt £20bn funding for carbon capture technology with ‘legacy of failure’”, March 12). This is a pompous fallacy. Is it possible that our people are so deluded by climate change propaganda that they can give a moment’s credence to such nonsense?
This group is trying to tell us that all the achievements of the oil industry, on which our modern industry, transport, health and prosperity has rested for the last 10 decades, are in inglorious. As well as an insult to all the great leaders of our advances in that time, it is an insult to our intelligence for them to foist such unfounded aspersions on our public discourse.
Is it not the attempt to place our reliance on fickle wind turbines that has forced Scotland to import huge quantities of power from gas and coal power stations over the Border during long spells of calm, cold weather recently? How glorious is that? Are we no longer willing to face facts?
Surely this brings the whole environmental campaign, which is forced on us daily, into doubt. Let us call out the validity of this possibly-fake programme, before our economy is reduced to ruins.
David S Fraser, Stornoway

SAS Volunteer

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