It’s an uncomfortable dilemma that has cast a long shadow over the sustainability credentials of a green form of energy.
For while wind turbines may project a carbon friendly image, when it comes to their manufacture, the steel, concrete, and plastics that go into making them take their toll on the environment.
While disposing of them at the end of their life poses additional problems: blades made from fibreglass and carbon fibre are particularly tricky to recycle, meaning they tend to end up in landfill.
Now however, there are hopes that the next generation of towers and blades could solve the problem of how to make wind-powered renewable energy more environmentally friendly.
And the solution, according to a spate of new start-up businesses, could lie with good old-fashioned trees, laminated wood and ‘Ikea-style flatpack’ pieces, all stuck together with glue. Read more:…/23379076.flatpack…/

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