Climate Camp Scotland has said that the protest camp set up near the Ineos Kinneil terminal in Grangemouth will be Scotland’s biggest protest encampment for a decade (your report, 13 July). Did the demonstrators from India, Netherlands and Ukraine arrive by bike? What about the others? As usual, eco-demonstrators utter fine words with little substance. The camp’s Jessica Gaitan Johannesson says: “Grangemouth can transition to sustainable industry and jobs”. As an author she is well able to spin words, but how and when will the 1,300 highly skilled and highly paid workers in Grangemouth become highly paid workers in a sustainable industry? Ineos employs 26,000 people worldwide and tens of thousands in the supply chain. Where will they all get green jobs? Perhaps she can tell them?
Her statements are similar to those of the wind industry which promised tens of thousands of Scottish jobs. Instead the wind turbines were manufactured abroad, shipped here by foreign ships, erected by foreign labour and are now owned by foreign companies. The few jobs for local people are the picking up and concealment of birds and bats minced by the turbine blades. Strange that the eco-demonstrators never demonstrate about this carnage. Strange that the climate demonstrators never go to China, India and the coal, oil and gas-rich countries.
Clark Cross, Linlithgow, West Lothian

SAS Volunteer

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