DPEA Guidance Note 25

DPEA has just published Guidance Note 25 – Selecting in-person, virtual or hybrid procedure for pre-examination meetings, hearings and inquiries. For those of you taking part or likely to in the future, we also advise taking the time to read the other Guidance Notes on the list. https://www.gov.scot/…/planning-appeals-reporters…/

Have you seen the ASA’s updated guidance on green claims? – Lexology

Good news for everyone out there who has made a complaint to ASA. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has published an update to its guidance on misleading green claims that demonstrates its collaboration with the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and their joint commitment to protect consumers from ‘greenwashing’. https://www.lexology.com/library/detail.aspx?g=106f82aa-191d-4151-be3a-10515b447d00