The body tasked with protecting Scotland’s environment has had its funding slashed by more than a quarter in real terms since 2010, prompting accusations it is not a “priority” for the Scottish Government.
The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) is responsible for keeping Scotland’s environment “safe, healthy and sustainable” and ensuring businesses do not break pollution rules.
A Ferret analysis of Sepa’s funding by the Scottish Government has revealed an effective cut of 26% between 2010-11 and 2023-24. Although the agency’s funding increased from £45 million to £49m in cash terms, it would have had to increase by a further £17m to keep up with inflation.
The Ferret is investigating the role of Sepa as the Scottish Government’s major environmental watchdog, following growing concern from readers. We are publishing a series of stories exposing its record on tackling pollution, transparency, and funding.
So far this week we have revealed that another Scottish Government agency is examining Sepa’s “failure” to stop sewage pollution, and concerns about the body’s transparency on issues surrounding Scotland’s environment.…/23824710.scottish…/

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