• Villages across Scotland are generating millions of pounds from nearby wind farms. In the south alone, Community Benefit funds will soon rise to £12m per year, and could reach a “transformative” £700m within four decades.
  • South of Scotland Enterprise has published the first study of its kind – setting out choices on how best to use the funds, favouring communities over household bills being cut. But there are questions on where the community funds should go – short term, small projects or a lasting legacy?
  • The gains from the renewable energy boom will also flow from grid connections, causing controversy in rural Scotland, and communities near sub-stations and pylons can also expect to have their own share.
How much should you be compensated for living next to a windfarm? Or a very large pylon, or an electricity sub-station? https://www.bbc.co.uk/…/uk-scotland-scotland-business…

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