Around 150 people packed out The Hive at Glentrool to view proposals for a wind farm on nearby moorland.
The engagement event staged by developers German renewables giant Energiekontor was set up to gauge public opinion on the bid.
However, as the crowd filed, in finding anyone backing the controversial 18 200-metre high turbines at Glenvernoch proved an impossible task.
Company representatives brought 50 feedback forms for completion by the public, many of whom were members of protest group Hands Off Our Hills.
The questionnaires ran out within minutes – prompting several visits to the community hub’s office for new supplies.
The Hive project manager, Billie Jones, said: “The reps came in and requested that I print off some extra forms for them.
“They did that in stages throughout the day and by the end they had
taken 90.”
Not everyone present completed the questionnaires, suggesting that estimates of an attendance of more than 150 over the three-hour session were accurate.
Bargrennan man Neil Skelton, whose home stands less than a mile from the site, helped design, produce and deliver the glossy four-page Hands Off Our Hills information leaflet.

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