The spreadsheets below show the S36 scoping schemes and S36 live applications which were available on the ECU website on 1st October 2023.  They are listed alphabetically. I have omitted some which are very old and any applications to extend the operational life of consented schemes

There’s no doubt some comments will be made about which areas have the most schemes. I shall just say for now that over 1000 turbines with capacity in excess of 6.8GW is a huge amount of new onshore wind.

I am solely responsible for this data and although they appear here and in the Resources section  of the Scotland against Spin website,  SAS has no responsibility for any errors.

Stephen Lucking

If you have Malwarebytes on your computer system, you may receive a warning when trying to open these spreadsheets.  Please ignore they are perfectly safe.

S36 – APPLICATIONS 011023(1)

S36 – SCOPING SCHEMES 010023(1)

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Kathrin Haltiner · October 2, 2023 at 8:12 am

The numbers for Tormsdale are Turbines: 42MW, BESS: 25MW, total: 67MW

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