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An eminent landscape architect proposes a ‘landscape of power’ in modern Scotland.

An opponent wrote

We are friends, but we disagree, as you know.

You cannot have a ‘landscape of power’. It’s an entirely false equation, a bogus concept, a chimera, an illusion, something hoped for but impossible to achieve. By all means call it a windfarm and try to put it where you need it, but first value what you lose and will never get back. Listen to those who love where they live and the land they live in. The incomparable, phenomenal, overwhelming grandeur and splendour of the glorious Scottish landscapes, open to all, thanks to our world leading access law.

Wind power is just a passing fancy, and only works because our politicians are so gullible and approve the rapacious demands of the greediest invasion of Britain since the Normans; it will be gone in our lifetime and left to our children to clear up. It’s basically useless, clearly intrusive, massively disfiguring, and screws the poor to make the rich richer.

The wind industry is like a suckling baby; it employs the best, at massive cost; it is phenomenally inefficient and resource heavy; cannot operate without the security blanket of subsidy (paid by us); can never stand on its own feet, and cannot thrive without the invention of pseudo realities like a ‘windfarm landscape’. That’s a polite fiction, and you know it. You just have to look outside to see that I’m right.

Pistols at dawn. Winning competitions among your friends is good, so warm congratulations. Winning competitions in the eyes of the public who know better is something else, and if you have to dream up nonsense like ‘Landscapes of Power’ to get there, you have failed already.

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