Glenferness Estate, near Ferness,
Highland Council
The proposed development is located on the site of the consented Cairn Duhie Wind Farm, which was submitted in 2013 as a 20 turbine scheme, with turbines of up to 110 metres in height. The wind farm received consent in October 2017 following an
inquiry. The Highland Council objected to this current application for 16 turbines which are taller than the original 20 which were consented, resulting in it being the subject of this inquiry
Scottish Ministers’ decision
The Scottish Ministers acknowledge that the proposed Development would result in
adverse visual and landscape impacts however are satisfied that the proposed
Development has been appropriately designed and sited to minimise impacts on the
environment. Although there will be some localised landscape and visual effects the
Scottish Ministers consider these are acceptable in the context of the benefits that the
proposed Development will bring in terms of net economic benefit and contributing to
renewable energy and climate change targets.

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