If renewable energy company Voltalia gets its way, six wind turbines reaching a height of 200ms will go on land near the Black Lochs at the back of Connel, securing its first venture in Scotland.
Crofter Duncan Clark whose family have worked land close by Cuiliane over three generations is one of the objectors fighting to stop the Cruach Clenamacrie turbines, fearing they will shatter the peace and quiet of the area next to a special site of scientific interest (SSSI), which is enjoyed by so many people who come from all over.
“It’s just us up against a world-wide company and we’re worried there are still people in the community and further afield who don’t know about it and what we could all be about to lose,” said Duncan’s wife Jean.
“We can protest all we like, we could get a petition going but despite all of that the government can still put it through because they need the revenue and have a renewables energy target they want to reach. We don’t want this to be already set in stone, we want to be listened to. We have to make as many people as possible aware of what’s going on,” she added.
Their neighbour Daemon Shearer says the turbine proposal is nothing more than a ’business enterprise’ that would only serve to profit the private landowner, Voltalia and the Scottish Government, which is driving towards its ambition to deliver at least 20 Gigawatts of additional low-cost renewable electricity capacity by 2030.
“There is nothing that will actually benefit us living nearby or any of the people who come here to enjoy the beauty of the place, the peace and quiet and the natural surroundings.  https://www.westcoasttoday.co.uk/news/crofters-rally-against-black-lochs-turbine-plan?fbclid=IwAR2jWvUJuR8DDr0bLbPht7qxPyfbOCTlIczXzTYlmj-B_RokyPLOmSWQTVI

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