Scotland missed a target for offshore wind farm jobs by 90 per cent – with Holyrood ministers warned radical action is needed to secure the green jobs revolution.
Economic think tank Future Economy Scotland (FES) said the country risks failing to create enough clean energy jobs to offset the loss of work in the declining North Sea.
In a new report, the group cautioned that without a major industrial overhaul, the shift to net zero could produce no “significant domestic job creation” at all.
It comes after much-vaunted promises by SNP ministers to create a green jobs boom – previously failing by a huge margin to hit a target of 130,000 low-carbon posts by 2020.
In new research, shared with the Record, FES used the example of offshore wind, where the Scottish Government had projected that 28,000 workers would be employed by 2020. However, figures from the Office for National Statistics show that there were only 3100 full time jobs in offshore wind in 2021 – just 11 per cent of the total forecast.

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