A NEW wind farm planned for the Rogart area has not found favour with local residents.
The majority of respondents to a survey carried out by Rogart Community Council were against the Acheilidh Wind Farm.
EnergieKontor hopes to build the 79.2MW wind farm along with 5MW of battery storage on land 7.6km south-east of Lairg and 8km to the west of Pittentrail.
Members decided to carry out a survey via the local newsletter which is hand delivered to every household. Residents were asked to return the completed survey to a box provided at Rogart PO Stores.
At the last community council meeting on February 5, chairman Frank Roach said 102 residents had responded to the survey with 100 opposing the development and two in favour.
He said that the community council would form a view on the wind farm once a planning application was submitted.  https://www.northern-times.co.uk/news/rogart-residents-oppose-acheilidh-wind-farm-survey-shows-342731/?fbclid=IwAR3VAb8mRohUBWcyBh2NXfcWci5gj69qHpWhmWrfMT9K5-fYwGKLNEJfxuw

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