Plans for a £130 million battery storage park in Bathgate have been lodged with West Lothian Council (Scotsman, 17 May). The applicant, On Path Energy, promises green electricity sourced from surplus solar and wind electricity. However their statement “local people remain at the centre of our proposals” is surprising. Never in the history of planning applications for wind turbines, solar panels or battery farms have the local people ever been considered by the developers, only the huge profit margins to be harvested.
Michael Baird
Bonar Bridge, Highland
Dr Ian Fairlie is being very misleading in writing that countries pursuing nuclear energy are using “old-fashioned World War Ii-based technology” (Letters, 18 May).
This is not true. Britain, Canada and the United States are developing nuclear Stable Salt Reactors [SSR] which use a range of fuels, none of which are able to produce weaponsgrade material for nuclear weapons.
The electricity system in Great Britain requires security of supply which cannot be provided by renewable sources alone. What is needed is for both nuclear and gas generator capacity to be increased substantially over the next 25 years regardless how much renewable capacity is built.
In discussing our electricity supply system it must be understood that it requires to be designed as a single engineering entity and not developed on the basis of competing vested interests.
Charles Scott

SAS Volunteer

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