One objection of Dr Richard Dixon (Scotsman 22 May) to small modular nuclear reactors (SMRS of 300 MW base load capacity) apparently is that they would take up the area of all of two football pitches (about 3 acres).
The equivalent in wind turbines of 2MW (load factor about 30 per cent at best) requires 16,000 acres!
These turbines would, of course, require far more transmission infrastructure and, being intermittent in output, would need either gas power backup and/or storage, all of which would hugely add to the cost, and they would have a lifetime of only 20 odd years at best, compared with 50 for the SMRS.
A Mccormick Terregles, Dumfries
Leah Gunn Barrett is correct in the claim that alleviating poverty was a political choice but it was one that slashed the budget for a Green Transition (Letters, 22 May). For example, it reduces the financial aid for flat owners faced with a £44,000 bill to fit a heat pump and takes cash away from rural Scots finding £33,000 to meet the increased EPC ratings planned by the SNP.
A ban on gas (6p/unit) and replacement by electricity from wind farms (24p/unit) will mean the 35 per cent of Scots living in fuel poverty facing penury as fuel bills increase by around 300 per cent.
Time, surely, for a major debate on whether a Just Transition is delayed until the economy can afford the cost!
Ian Moir Castle Douglas, Dumfries and

SAS Volunteer

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