Back in November 2023, a report by electricity commissioner, Nick Winser, stated that to deliver the expansion of renewable energy planned by the then-government, an expansion of grid would be required over the next seven years that would be four times the deployment which had taken place since 1990.
But arguably they will be coming faster with the arrival of Keir Starmer’s new Labour government, and its acceleration of renewables and electrification, making the question of grid expansion a key one. What the Conservatives said they were going to do by 2035 is now being attempted in an astonishing seven years, by 2030.
Many questions come attached to Labour’s green energy plan – but a key one is grid. Will the connection be there if and when this government’s planned quadrupling of offshore wind by 2030 is ready to hook up? And is the public on board for that transition? Will there, by then, have been an embracing of the pylon?—public-ready-get-board/?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR39BsY-rjxyWwlbiJXVAN-kOJ0PEY7lzttXnvZSgQtt3f6Nf9Lle2BVMTA_aem_0gGhXe76zVZGTKQrZ-SdIA

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