By Richard Watt

A windfarm comprising 22 turbines of up to 125 metres in height could be
proposed for the border of Angus and Perthshire.

Edinburgh firm the Wind Prospect Group has submitted a scoping application
to Angus Council for a development at woodland on Knockton Hill, Glen Isla.

Knockton Hill is looked on by points such as Cairn Gibbs to the north,
close to the existing windfarm at Drumderg to the east, the Forest of Alyth
to the south, and the A93 to the west.

The firm has 116 schemes complete, 144 in pre-construction, 57 now
operating and a further 81 given consent.

One of the more significant and the most westerly of the Angus Glens, Glen
Isla is a wide valley in the southern Grampians, between Glen Shee and Glen

Located along the border with Perth and Kinross, the head of the glen lies
close to the border with Aberdeenshire.

The River Isla flows south and then south-east into the Valley of Strathmore.

An adjacent scheme at Tullymurdoch is now being considered for appeal by
the Scottish Government.

Perth and Kinross Council officers said it would affect Knockton Hill by
adding a “significant windfarm feature into the view and extend development

From the Cateran Trail at Hill of Alyth, the Tullymurdoch composition “is
cluttered with overlapping turbines, has poor landscape fit and detracts
from the simple linear composition (of the hill).”

The Tullymurdoch scheme is of a lesser scope, with seven wind turbines and
associated infrastructure applied for.

The Wind Prospect Group were approached for comment on the scoping exercise
but none was received.

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