Plans are afoot to extend a wind farm on the Galloway and Ayrshire border.

The 28-turbine Mark Hill farm, which takes in land between Glentrool and
Barrhill, has been operational at full capacity since 2011 and now Scottish
Renewables are carrying out surveys with a view to an extension with an
unconfirmed amount of turbines.

Siobhan McLaughlin from the company spoke to members of Cree Valley
Community Council on Monday and said there may be a financial benefit for
Galloway from a community fund.

When quizzed about where the power from the turbines will go, she said that
would be decided by the grid.

Community councillor Bob Boan said he was fed up of wind farms cropping up
all around the Cree Valley without any warning.

Ms McLaughlin said: “We’re very aware there is a feeling in south west
Scotland that the area is being inundated and we’re keen to minimise any
impact from this extension.”

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