It has recently been announced that ministers in England and Wales have backed down on the issue of farming subsidies being used for the benefit of the environment and wildlife. Ministers wanted 15% of farmers subsidies to be used to help wildlife projects and environmental issues. Farmers were not happy and have managed to get this amount reduced to 12.5%.

Many of us feel that a good suggestion would be for any farmer or landowner in receipt of subsidy payments for wind turbines and arrays of solar panels or biomass plants should hand back a proportion of this to help with these projects. After all, digging up acres of ground and often woodland which disperses and disturbs many mammals and erecting turbines which kill birds and bats cannot be said to be good for the environment. By giving back some of the subsidy which is paid for by the public through their energy bills might be a good way of redressing the harm done by installing these generating systems in the first place. Farms which have large turbines and many solar panels are simply not ‘farms’ anymore. They are in a sense electricity generating stations and should not receive the single farm subsidies on offer anymore. Scotland could benefit from such a system as more land is being used for wind turbines than anywhere else in the UK to the detriment of people and wildlife.

At the moment, many landowners and farmers are raking in hundreds of thousand of pounds a year which is not passed down to the housewife through cheaper prices for goods in the supermarkets but is just lining the pockets of these people enabling them to live a lavish lifestyle. At the same time, it has been found that large arrays of solar panels and wind turbines are actually harming wildlife.

It is one way to try and redress the issue and make amends.

Kim Terry
Laigh Letterpin Bungalw
KA26 0HX

SAS Volunteer

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