Cowdenbeath Community Council has aired concerns about the possible
expansion plans for the Little Raith Wind Farm on the outskirts of the
town. But they want to hear from the people of the town about what they
think of the proposals.

Community council members heard that Kennedy Renewables, the operators of
the Little Raith Wind Farm, were taking tentative steps towards increasing
the number of turbines at the site.

The company had lodged, it was reported, an environmental impact scoping
opinion with Fife Council for a proposed expansion which could establish a
further seven turbines on the site.

A general discussion was held amongst the community council members and
there were concerns raised about the proposed expansion of the site.

For example, what is the location of the proposed new turbines in relation
to existing residential areas, what is the location of the proposed new
turbines in relation to the motorway, what will be the visual impact of an
additional seven new turbines, will there be any noise issues owing to the
fact that there will be another seven turbines, has there been any
increased health issues which are associated with the existing turbines?

The council secretary, Christine Gourlay said, “As this proposal is at the
early stages and the indication is that Kennedy Renewables will organise
public exhibitions in the New Year, the community councillors would urge
local residents to make their voices heard.

“Whether it be by speaking or writing to their locally elected councillors,
voicing their opinions at the public exhibitions, or coming along to
community council meetings make their views known.

“It is extremely important that the views of Cowdenbeath residents are made
known to Fife Council as soon as possible”.

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