A proposed 47 turbine wind farm at Strathy South in the heart of the
Caithness and Sutherland Flow Country is being opposed by Scottish Natural
Heritage (SNH).

Its opposition is due to the potential impact the development would have on
a range of bird species that are key features of the area. RSPB Scotland,
which has also objected to the plan, welcomed the SNH decision.

In its objection SNH expressed concern the proposal could harm the rare
blanket bog habitat of the Flows, designated under European and Scots law
as a Special Area of Conservation and also may have an impact on rare
species of birds.

Aedán Smith, head of planning for RSPB Scotland, said: “This objection from
SNH really highlights just how sensitive this site is to wind farm
development. SNH point out that without major changes and reductions in
scale this proposal could cause unacceptable harm to no less than seven of
Scotland’s most threatened bird species, including golden eagle, hen
harrier and greenshank.

“Hopefully, SSE will now acknowledge this and abandon these proposals for
this very sensitive and special place, right in the very heart of the
internationally acclaimed Flow Country.”

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H. Rosenberg · January 25, 2014 at 4:14 pm

I fully support objections to the Strathy South windfarm project. It is in the wrong place and could surely moved to an environmentally less importent area. It must never be allowed in an area of such internationally rare habitat. This type of habitat can not be replaced and many rare plant and animal species can simply not be moved elsewhere.
General observation :
Windfarms should only be built if they are comercially viable without the large subsidies from government and consumers .
It would be interesting to see how many windfarms would be built if the above condition was applied, no doubt many fewer.

H. Rosenberg
P. Rosenberg

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